17 octubre, 2017

Gone with the heat of summer.


He left me there.
In the middle of the street.
Me, wearing all my pride.
My face remaining without any color.
He, taking away from me all my joy.
And wearing nothing but his honor.

He promised me once he loved me.
And I, little foolish, believed each word of that.
Now, not knowing if that was true
is all I can think about.
But I guess that's what everyone does, isn't it?

I let him go with the heat of summer.
Hoping he would come back.
'Til this days I'm still waiting
to see his eyes one more time.

But that night he grabbed his suitcase.
Full of his disappointment, his anger and his love.
And without thinking it twice.
He left me there.
He let me die. 

05 octubre, 2017

I kissed your lips.


I kissed your lips
But it was like kissing my own lips
(Kissing myself)
I could feel who I was through your mouth
Like seeing me through your eyes
The way I really am
With no prejudices
With no self hate
But then there was no more kisses
No more happiness left
And the love, the one I felt for myself, it was over.

09 mayo, 2017

Black Beauty.

Es alegría que no alegra.
Es emoción que no emociona.
Es tristeza que no entristece.
Es dolor que no duele.

You have no room for light,
Love is lost on you.

Pozo vacío y negro. 
Lleno de desesperanza.
Lleno de confusión. 
La profunda culpabilidad. 
Por haber caído.
Por no ser fuerte. 
Por ser quien eres. 

Oh, what can I do?
Life is beautiful,
But you don't have a clue.

Es ella quien te atrapa.
Es ella quien te anula.
Y son los sentimientos que desaparecen.
Porque ya no sientes.
Porque ya nada te retiene.
Ni el color de la vida, ni el dolor de la muerte.

Sun and ocean blue,
They're magnificent,
It don't make sense to you

24 marzo, 2017

Marriage cake.


Love isn't love
when it comes about you and me.
Hate is the only thing we experience
when we are both at home.
Being together,
but always apart.
Feeling bad 'cause you're always cheating on me.
And I drive you crazy 'cause I constantly scream.

What happens with our love?
With our lifes?
Because I used to think we would be the King and Queen.
And now we're just plebeians with unfulfilled dreams.

I'm the one who cry 
when you are at work.
The one who make your life impossible 
when you are at home. 
And you always seem to be the nice guy, 
but indeed you're the silent one. 
And who would believe?
That to them I'm the lion and you're the sheep.

20 marzo, 2017

Can I?


Can I be like air?
Flying around the world.
Looking at everyone,
But with no one looking at me.
Knowing their secrets,
Their fears,
Their failures.
To be in control of their lifes,
To know everything to make them cry.

Can I be like fire?
And be the queen of the empire. 
Burning everything I find in my way.
Rising from the ashes. 
And capturing souls with my flames.